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Aug 05, 2022
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Our Siamese cat Didsbury went out on his rounds on Monday morning (1st August) and has not returned. We have searched everywhere we can think of, and visited his usual haunts. He is a Blue Siamese, and has a collar. Didsbury is a really friendly chap and well known in the village as he often comes walking with us when we take Dennis for a walk. He pops in to several cottages for a biscuit and to say hello, and it is unusual for him to be gone for so long. If anybody has seen him, could you let us know. We have contacted the local vets, and he is chipped. Thanks Peter and Susan 07774861262
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Jan 23, 2021
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Having received this “letter” this morning I thought I had better reply here as the sender left no possibility of my being able to respond. We did indeed move into the village last Autumn and have found it to be a delightful and welcoming place to live, in short, we love it! In answer to the specific points raised. The “visitor” is my daughter and yes is part of our bubble. She lives with us, is a key worker, and works shifts some distance away. As for the car, yes it is parked on the public highway, and as far as I am aware is parked considerately as are the others that park along there. The only visitors we have had have been part of our bubble, and as for saying “goodnight” on the street, I have no recollection of this, as we do not have visitors, especially at night! however, if it was me, then I am sorry and will endeavour to be a tad quieter. With regard to the slamming of the garden back door, we do have a small dog, who is a puppy and never whistled, my wife lets him out and is most careful not to slam doors. You are mistaken this is not us and we also hear doors closing and dogs barking at night, I would suggest it is part of rural life, if one barks, they all do. I am disappointed that the writer of the letter chose to be anonymous, rather than pop and have a chat (socially distanced) so that I could apologise in person, or at least discuss the situation, it is not our intention to annoy anybody, and as someone born and bred in rural Lincolnshire, I understand the principals of village life in a small community. We have until now felt extremely welcome in the village, however this latest experience has left us feeling a little disconcerted, surely an anonymous typed and unsigned letter is not in the spirit of a neighbourly approach. Please do feel free to get in touch, you will be assured of a friendly welcome. Yours. Peter Kellitt.
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