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Lest we forget.


As it is the 100th anniversary of WW1 it was thought a good time to try and search for families of those named on the war memorial here at Tealby. And so... was launched by Adrian Campbell.


An add was placed in the local papers and soon Estuary TV was in touch asking for someone to speak about the project. Michelle Baker (Church Warden) made the appeal on their evening news and soon families were getting in touch. Local historian, Hugh Nott, was at hand helping make links, providing information such as where their ancestor had lived, worked and even which battalion they had served in. In all, a total of seven soldiers families have been found to date.

A hero is someone who has given their life to something bigger than oneself

Arthur and Thomas Heaton


John Edward Bagley


John Robert Mumby

Frederick and George West


David Todd

Harold Chambers




Unfortunately, no descendants of three of the fallen have been located yet.

The names of those WW1 heroes are:


Horace Mervyn William Goy MM


William Johnson Ranyell

If you think you could be related to any of these men, please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.


Contact us at


The focus at church during the Flower Festival was the search for the Tealby Heroes of World War 1. Local ladies had volunteered to make floral tributes for each of the soldiers as part of the Open Churches Weekend. Little did they know that by the time the weekend would arrive that they would have families coming to see their displays.

Anna, a descendant of two of the Tealby Heroes, John Bagley and Robert Mumby, caused even more excitement when she arrived at the Church with the Death Plaque (Dead Man's Penny) of John Mumby. 1,355,000 of these pennies were given to the next of kin of all those killed in WW1. Anna placed the Death Penny in front of Robert’s Flower display and proudly took a photograph. It was an emotional time but Anna was very glad that Tealby’s Heroes have been remembered.

We had a very unexpected visitor, Sue and her husband arrived after being informed the night before that she might be related to a David Todd being remembered at Tealby Church. Sue related how she had been told as a child that David had died on the Titanic, but having searched the passenger lists was unable to find his name. As luck would have it the visitor from the day before was right and having seen the floral display of RMS Lusitania, had put two and two together and thought that Sue might have been told the name of the wrong ship!  


By the end of the festival weekend there had been a total of 269 visitors all eager to learn about Tealbys' Heroes. One couple listening to their radio whilst out for a ride in the car, heard the LIVE BBC Radio Lincolnshire broadcast from Tealby Church and drove straight over to be part of the occasion! 


Images of the displays and arrangements made by our fabulous volunteers can be seen below.


Come and view the beautiful piece of art on display in Tealby Church, ‘Poppies' painted by the children of Tealby School.


Tealby school children have a piece of art work measuring 6’ x 6’ which is hanging pride of place on display in Tealby church. A lot of effort and detail went into the poppies which each of the children painted for the WW1 ‘Tealby Heroes Remembered’ themed Open Churches Weekend. Nearer Remembrance day they are to be used to create our own very own 'Tealby poppy wave’. 

Tealby Church is open daily from 9.30am to 4pm for visitors to look at the research and information plaques. 

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