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Twelfth Night - 7pm Friday, 14th July, Tealby Village Green

Outdoor theatre by The Duke's Theatre Company comes to Tealby again!

Tickets available at

Whether you’re an audience member in 2023 or back in 1602, you could be forgiven for thinking that Twelfth Night was going to be the darkest of tragedies: what could be more nightmarish than to lose your twin sibling in a furious storm at sea and to think they'd died? In fact, a romantic comedy unfolds with a madcap farce at its heart. The broadest of broad humour (poor Malvolio tricked into absurdity) mixes with moments of unbearable pathos (listen out for Sir Anthony Aguecheek's wistful "I was adored once too".).

"Why 1602? That's when Twelfth Night was first performed. Four hundred and twenty-one years on, we're proud and privileged to bring this extraordinary play to you."

We don't want to give any more away, even though we're so excited to be presenting our new outdoor production of Twelfth Night that we want to tell you everything. We won't though: suffice to say it all works out in the end, in a way that only Shakespeare would carry off. What can you expect from a Duke's Theatre Company performance? The full text in all its glory; innovative production design to support the unparalleled energy of our wonderful cast; original music so that Shakespeare's songs are heard in a whole new way - and all we ask is that you come prepared for a wonderful time.

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