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Tealby Christmas Trees!

Tealby residents - It's that time of year to pre-order your Tealby Christmas Trees! Whether it's a 4ft wall-mounted outdoor tree, a 4ft/5ft/6ft indoor tree, or a fabulous 4ft potted tree* 🌲🌲🌲


Orders must be placed by Friday, 17th November

Order them online at

or at Tealby Shop (order forms available there)

We're excited to have a new supplier this season!

All proceeds go to the Tealby Village Green Fund, raising money for new play equipment.

As always you can also order:

Tree installation (for wall-mounted trees)

Wall bracket & installation (for wall-mounted trees)

Lights (enough for the wall-mounted trees)

Tree removal (of any tree, not just ours)

*The potted tree was advertised on our leaflet as a 3ft, but will be a 4ft potted tree.

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