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Tealby 2022 Club - April Winners

The Tealby 2022 Club Winners for April are:

1st - Emma Would - £30

2nd - Tony Neal - £20

3rd - Jane Alyson - £10

Prizes are give as Tealby Shop Vouchers.

You can still join the Tealby 2022 Club to be included in the monthly draws for the rest of the year, with all proceeds going towards the upkeep of our fabulous Village Hall.

To join either go online at

or pay at Tealby shop by cash or cheque.

For £20.22 you'll be entered into each monthly draw throughout 2022, with a chance to win £30, £20 or £10 - EVERY DRAW!!

Every 3rd month will have 1st prize replaced by a lovely selection of local produce (and maybe a few treats from further afield).

Names are drawn at random by a computer and witnessed by Tony Neal, Richard Askam and David Bevan. Money prizes are given as Tealby Shop vouchers.

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