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Le Tour de Tealby - Thursday, October 14th, 2021, 6am to 6pm.

Roads closed from 8.30am to 5pm. Emergency Access to the Village will be maintained throughout.

Thursday 14th October will see some of the stars of World Cycling descend on Tealby for the National Cycling Time Trial event. Household names like 4 time Tour de France winner Chris Froome and Olympic champion and the winner of the most stages of the Tour de France, Mark Cavendish - will be whizzing round Tealby & Walesby.

The time trial will be recorded live on the day for TV broadcast at a later date, so Tealby is going to be well and truly on the map!

However, LCC hasn’t told anyone about this, so we are going to do our best to inform everyone and help you through it, as this will cause some disruption to village life on the day, especially those on Rasen Road and Caistor Lane. The cycle teams will be using the Village Hall and Car Park from 6am through to 6pm, so the car park will be closed to non-competitors (although the shop remains open of course). Roads around the village will be closed too from the Church, down Rasen Road, passed Sunnyside Farm and down towards Rasen, but it does seems as though access and egress will be allowed by careful management by the stewards (see an update below obtained by Steven Barber). The route then turns right and heads up through Walesby and up the lung busting Walesby Hill before turning right on to the Caistor High Street and back down Bully Hill to the Church to complete a lap. So those of you affected may want to think about parking your car elsewhere, so that you can then walk to it and leave the village via Sandy lane.

For those of you excited by the event, and what is a rather special occasion for Tealby, the riders will start at 2-minute intervals and there are 4 races during the day with the start/finish line just passed the Church:

Under 20 Men

Under 20 Women

Senior Men

Senior Women

With the women’s races being 2 laps of the circuit and the men’s races 3 laps - it will be a spectacle the likes of which the village has never seen! We encourage you to make a day of it and support the riders, maybe dress up tour gateways - get your chairs out and cheer on the riders and let’s show off Tealby in the best possible light for the cameras.

The organisers have agreed with the school to have a 20 minute break in the racing in the morning and afternoon to allow for the school run but essentially, unless you live on the east side of the village (with access in & out of the village down Sandy Lane) - we are effectively snowed in for the day. This has been out of our hands and we fully understand the impact on many of our villagers, so do please contact us at to see if we can try to help with any major issues this may be causing.

**Update obtained by Steven Barber who was asking about access and egress to Thorpe Lane:

"Firstly let me clarify the times of the Road Closures. The Road infrastructure will start to go in at 6am with barriers etc around the Church area. The start of the Race will be at the Cow Lane junction. The actual Roads will be closed off from approx 08:30 until 17:00 with races going off individually at 2/2.5 minute intervals. throughout the day. All of the Riders will have a Police/ BC Bike outrider.

For information, we will be running a formal Control with Police/Ambulance etc in the Village Hall and Emergency Access to the Village will be maintained throughout.

Now let me absolutely assure you that we will obviously allow access and egress throughout the day. You will, of course, be able to get to and from your Home during the day. After speaking with our Safety people, we are agreed that the best route for you is to turn left at the top of Thorpe Lane onto Rasen Road and then go towards Market Rasen. However you will NOT be allowed to return to your House via this route as it would be unsafe to go against the Race route. This is a Closed Road under a formal Traffic Regulation Oder with Highways and the Racers will be on either side of the Road taking the racing line. To return to your House you should continue into Market Rasen, Willingham Road and then Sandy Lane and Cow Lane back into the Village.

Depending on the time you leave, you will need to wait for a Rider to go past and then follow the instructions of a Steward to follow the Rider but at a distance of say 50 yards. The Steward will need to be advised by the Control Room that you can depart Thorpe, so please bear with him until he is able to let you go. You should NOT overtake the Rider in any circumstances as they will be using the full width of the Road and may go onto the off side."

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