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If you are thinking of hiring or using the Hall - and you really should as it's a fabulous space to spend time in -  you'll be pleased to know it's really easy to do!

We're a group of volunteers who will be happy to help make your event a success. Just follow these simple steps:-

1.  If you have a specific dates in mind, first take a look at the booking calendar here to see if there is a date that works for you. This will open in a new tab.

2. Found a date that works? Great - open up these documents and when you have a moment read them through - these form the basis of any hiring you do.


Important Village Hall Policies, Risk Assessments and other information can be found on our policies page

3. All good? Please fill in the enquiry form and tell us all about your event, and a volunteer will get back to you to help complete the booking.

4. Finally - once you're all booked in, have a great time!

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