Virtual Balloon Race, 31st October - Tealby School

This is a virtual fundraiser we are having a go at to try and make some money whilst we can’t meet and do our usual fundraising.

It’s a virtual balloon race (no real balloons used - phew!!). It’s sets off from Dracula’s castle on 31st October and runs for 7 days. You can track the race and your balloons progress and they use the real weather conditions to simulate the flight.

You can decorate your balloon but more importantly you can tweak the amount of helium, thickness of rubber and shape to help your balloon win!

There are lots of causes entered into the race but 1st and 2nd prize are £500 and an ipad!

Balloons cost £3

Please support the school and share to other friends and family too.

To purchase and customise your balloons, please go to the Eco Racing Tealby School page by clicking here

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