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The Nosy Little Troll - 3pm, Sunday 30th April at Tealby Village Hall

Garlic Theatre present: The Nosy Little Troll

3pm, Sunday 30th April, Tealby Village Hall.

Children 3 - 8yrs

Tickets available at Tealby Shop or online at

Children (U12) - £5

Standard - £10

Running Time : 45 Mins

An interactive, funny and magical show for family audiences from 3 – 8 years.

Deep in the heart of the Norwegian Forest live the trolls – big trolls, tiny trolls and a Nosy Little Troll who has an amazingly sensitive nose…

One day there is a mumbling and a rumbling from the trolls. What is that wonderfully stinky smell wafting through the trees? The Nosy Little Troll sets off to follow her nose on a quest to solve the mysterious pong. Will she be brave enough to cross the scary old stone bridge and succeed in sniffing out the culprit?

A warm-hearted funny Scandinavian story, starring a tasty brown cheese song, a lost goat and a bushy old troll with green fingers.

Garlic Theatre hold their young audience spellbound with wonderfully crafted troll puppets, live music and lots of joining in.

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