Tip#3 - Always know the latest information from The Hub.

Here you'll find out how to start using The Hub in a more efficient way. If you've not used it yet (shame on you) but The Hub is the part of thisistealby.com that is the place to keep up-to-date with all the village's latest 'News & Events', or what people are saying in 'Village Voice', what the latest items being sold in 'The Marketplace' are, or if there's been any reported crime in the area via 'Neighbourhood Watch'.

Rather than you having to check into The Hub all the time to see if any of the categories named above have been updated with new posts (and lets face it, we don't want all our Tealby villagers turning into Generation Z-ers and checking The Hub every 5 minutes) ...instead you can simply 'follow' whichever category of The Hub you want and The Hub will then email you whenever something is added to that category.

For example; if you want to know when a new village event is being advertised, and would also like to know as soon as any crime is reported in the area, simply 'follow' the 'News & events' section and the 'Neighbourhood Watch' section...it's that simple.

But how do I 'follow' the categories I want?

Don't worry, it's very easy. However, if after reading this you're still a bit confused, just contact us at tealby@thisistealby.com and we'll guide you through it.

If you haven't joined the website by signing up yet, please visit this blog thisistealby.com/blog/tealbytips-1-sign-up which will help you to join the site and become a fully fledged member.

Step 1

If you already know how to view The Hub, skip this step and go straight to step 2.

Go to www.thisistealby.com and then click on 'The village' in the menu at the top of the website. You'll then see 8 images with titles across each one, eg 'Tealby Shop', 'Tealby Church'. Click the one that says 'The Hub' and voila, you're now on The Hub.

Step 2

Now that you're on The Hub you'll see the 4 different categories:

Marketplace - for buying and selling things

News & events - for the latest Tealby news & events

Village Voice - for people to start discussions and have their voices heard.

Neighbourhood Watch - for any reported crime in the area.

Step 3

To 'follow' one of these categories, look in the top right corner of the category and you'll see 3 dots in a vertical line. Click on these dots and a small menu will drop down from the dots. From this menu click on 'Follow Category'...and that's it! (You may have to then click 'Join' in another window that pops up) Now anytime something gets posted in this category, you'll get an email from us telling you, so now you'll know when to go to The Hub for the latest information.

Step 4

Repeat 'Step 3' and follow as many of the categories as you like. You'll receive a separate email for each category anytime they get updated with a new post.

Step 5


Emails from the The Hub may go into your junk mail. If you'd rather they went straight into your inbox you can either add the email address notifications@forums.wix.com to your contact list, if you know how, or you can wait for the first email from The Hub and then add the sender to your contact list. Again, contact us for any assistance.

A video guide to getting updates from The Hub

If you are on facebook, like & follow our facebook page here to keep up-to-date with future news & events about Tealby.

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