Tip#1 - Signing up to the website.

Welcome to the 1st TealbyTip, where we will help you to sign up to thisistealby.com to become a fully fledged member, so you can utilise all the functions of The Hub - the community area of the website with the following useful areas:


For buying and selling things. Members can post items up for sale, including photographs, description and price, plus any contact details if thy wish. Other members can then comment if they're interested and would like to buy the item. You could even post an advert if you're looking to buy something but can't find it anywhere.

News & events

For the latest Tealby news & events. All the news and events for Tealby Village will be posted here, making it a great place to see what's going on and never miss an event.

Village Voice

For people to start discussions and have their voices heard. If you have something on your mind or want to start a discussion, as a member you can post here or comment on other member's posts.

Neighbourhood Watch

For any reported crime in the area. Any crime in the area, big or small, will be posted here by the admin team at thisistealby. Only members of the website will have access to this area.

Yes, yes, very interesting, but how do I sign up and become a member?

It's very easy. However, if after reading this you're still a bit confused, just contact us at tealby@thisistealby.com and we'll guide you through it. There is also a video at the bottom to guide you through it too.

Step 1

Once you're on the internet and have gone to www.thisistealby.com you can sign up by going to the top right corner of the website and clicking on 'Sign up / Log in'

Step 2

You'll then be shown the 'Sign Up' page. Enter your email and then choose a password you'd like to use and enter it in the box labelled 'Password'. Then retype that password in the box that says 'Retype password' (this is to check you hadn't made a mistake when you typed in your password), and then click on 'Sign Up' at the bottom.

You are now a member.

(celebrate with a cup of tea)

A video guide to signing up to thisistealby·com

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