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New safety procedures at Tealby Village Shop

1 in 1 out

So there is no crowding and close contact, we are running the shop as '1 in, 1 out' so at any one time there will only be a customer and a shop volunteer within the shop.

2m distance within the shop itself

For the safety of both the customer and the shop volunteers, the shelving has been rearranged so that it divides the shop into 2, creating a 2m gap between the customer and shop volunteer.

2m queuing gaps outside

When waiting to go into the shop, you'll notice markings to show everybody the 2m gaps to keep between each of you while waiting to enter the shop.

Hand sanitiser used on entrance

We will be providing hand sanitiser by the door that everybody must use before entering the shop.

Payment by contactless card

It is preferred if you can use contactless payment to make your purchases. Cash can still be used but is a lot more fiddly to do in a safe way. Protective gloves

All volunteers wear protective gloves throughout their shift.

Tealby Village Shop. Staying open to serve the community

Contact us on 01673 838 191

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