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Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire

Lawn Master is managed locally by Ian and Jenny. Ian has 35 years of turf management experience and holds numerous turf-related qualifications, including a Degree in Fine Turf Management. His career began on the south coast in Sussex, where he worked on three golf courses, latterly as Head Greenkeeper, before relocating to the East Midlands.

Ian is supported by a great team that takes real pride in the work they do. Collectively, they strive to provide all customers with first-class, personalised service. They work across both counties and also cover areas of neighbouring Leicestershire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

Jenny runs a very efficient office. If ever you need to call, hers is the cheery greeting you are likely to receive. Being married to a greenkeeper for more than 25 years means that Jenny also has a great understanding of lawn care and the problems you could be experiencing.

Chafer grubs are a problem locally. The open nature of the soil can be perfect for them. Lawn Master can still control them, even without the chemicals that used to be available. It isn’t easy to know there’s a problem, but Ian’s team have the experience to spot early warning signs and are alert to the tell-tale signs.

Speedwell, Woodrush and ‘Mind Your Own Business’ are three of the most troublesome weeds found in local lawns. The Lawn Master team are adept at spotting and controlling them.